Why Working With Animals Is So Much Fun

Loving animals extends far beyond just thoughtful and caring for your own pet. People who love animals care for all kinds of animals that are out there like lions, birds, dogs, cats, fish, zebras, horses, chimpanzees, gorillas; the list goes on. Individuals who genuinely love and care for all animals in the world express their affection towards animals by dedicating their lifetime to protect them and nurture them. But if you think that your only way of expressing your love for animals is by taking up the profession of a vet, then you’re wrong! There are so many professional pursuits out there that can be undertaken to express your love for animals. They are all highly respectable professions that require long hours of training and education. Here are some excellent career choices for individuals who love animals and want to show their love for animals.

  1. A Veterinarian

The first professional pursuit that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of a career catered towards animals is that of a veterinarian. To become a vet, four years of education in a college is the essential requirement in most countries. After that, you will need to have a minimum of one year of experience as an intern before establishing your own practice as a veterinarian of either large or small animals. You need training in the domain of surgery, medicine, exotic, etc. for animals. Becoming a vet really tests your love for animals because your patient population cannot speak, so it is in your hands to get to the root of the problem.

  1. Veterinary Technician

To be a veterinary technician, you will require on the job training through volunteering work or even pursue a course that provides certificate programs in veterinary technology. Veterinary technicians are trained in primary animal care as well as instruments for surgery and check-ups. This career option is highly prestigious because veterinary technicians play a crucial role in aiding the vet in operations and procedures. They’re like the right hand of the vet.

  1. Animal Trainer

Under this career option, you can become a dog trainer, performing animal trainer, or service animal trainer. This is a very challenging profession because you need to have a lot of patience to train animals to follow instructions. You also need to have a specialized understanding of animal functioning. This career pursuit requires apprenticeship and is a very well paying profession.

  1. Pet Groomer

This is another fun and challenging job because most pets dislike bathing. That’s where the role of the pet groomer calmed into play because pet owners would much instead hires a professional pet beautician to do this challenging task. This is also a very well paying job, especially if you’re working with show horses or dogs. You can train to become a pet groomer through grooming academies, services offered by private groomers as well as joining an apprenticeship program designed for grooming assistants.

  1. Pet Walker

This job is significant because you will be catering to those owners who do not have adequate time in their day to take their pets for daily walks. This job does not require any formal training. All you need to do is have an understanding of animals and love them.

  1. Zookeepers

This requires on the job training, and people who are qualified to be groomers, vets, animal science majors, and technicians can become zookeepers in wildlife reserves and zoos. This profession will give you a lot of exposure to animals and will provide you with the opportunity of being surrounded by different animal species all the time.

There you go! So many options for all you animal lovers out there!

Paul Petersen

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