Why Your Competitors Rank So High? Learn How You Can Outrank Them with These Tips

The hardest part of doing SEO is outranking all of your competition and order to do this you would need to understand why they have a high ranking. You shouldn’t think that having the best keywords is going to solve this problem since there is a lot more that is involved when it comes to SEO services. It also might seem like you are never going to outrank the competition, but if you know how you can do this, then the goal can be reached.

Content Creation

There is so much that you can do when it comes to outranking the competition and you can only do this if you know what you can do. One of the main ways that you can do this includes creating a lot of content with good information. You want to create nearly 10 times the content than the competition is putting out on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean that you can just post anything you want though, but you should ensure that it is both informing as well as engaging.

There are 3 steps that you should make sure that you are taking when it comes to this, such as:

  1. Finding the keywords that the competition is using – This is important since you don’t want to just use the same keywords that they are using. Ensure that you are picking keywords that are unique to your business and that would bring in more traffic.
  2. Analysis of the competition’s content – You need to make sure that you are taking an in-depth look at the content that the competition is creating. This would give you some ideas that you can use to create new content that you might not have thought of. You also want to look at the length and see if you can increase the word count to over 2000 to give more details.
  3. Create better versions of the created content – The last step that you should do is to make sure that you are creating better versions of the current content. If the content is only 800 words or less, then you should consider increasing it if possible. These days over 2000 words is the target that you should be aiming for when you are posting anything.

Content is always going to be the most important thing and you are going to be able to use this to get ahead of your competition. Think about the content that they are posting and ensure that you are creating better versions of what they have written.

Link Building

You might not think about this, but link building is extremely important and you need to be smart about it too. There are many methods that you can use when it comes to this that will help you to get the links that you deserve and need, including:

  • Creating and publishing amazing infographics or content
  • Create a list of those interested in the content
  • See if those people on the list are interested
  • Share your content

There are many other methods that you can use that would help you when it comes to link building like guest blogging, commenting on forums, posting in various industry related listings and much more.

Optimization of Speed

Another thing that you should make sure that you are concentrating on is the speed of your website. You need it to load extremely fast because if it doesn’t, then you are going to lose viewers to other sites. A delay of 1 second is going to cause you around 7% loss when it comes to conversions, so if you are looking to earn money you need a fast page. Ensure that you are asking the experts what you can do to make it faster.

Go ahead and make sure that you are aware of what you can be doing to get your business ranked ahead of the competition. This can be done in a wide variety of methods, including making sure that the content that you are creating is better than what they have created. You also want to ensure that you are sharing the content you are creating and creating backlinks through comments and much more. Also, ensure that your site loads quickly to avoid losing customers and even conversions.

David Curry

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