Wifi vs Non-Wifi Baby Monitors

When you want to install baby monitors in your home, you may be confused to choose between wifi and non-wifi baby monitors. Which one do you have to buy? Well, either you choose a non-wifi baby monitor or wifi monitor, you will still get the same function. It functions to monitor your baby and it also uses a camera to record the activity. Before you buy wifi or non-wifi baby monitor, you may need to consider these following things.

Security and Privacy

Which one is the safest baby monitor between wifi and non-wifi baby monitor? In a post written by babymonitorsrev.com, if you really care about security, you may prefer to choose a non-wifi baby monitor because it is unhackable. It means that nobody can hack your baby monitor because it does not use a static frequency channel to transmit the data. Unlike the wifi baby monitor, it uses the standard protocol and it is hackable.

Monitoring System

If you prefer wifi baby monitor, you can access it anywhere because it works online and is connected to the internet. As long as your device is connected to the internet, you can view your baby on your mobile device, even when you are overseas. But, if you choose a cable baby monitor that does not use wifi, it only works around the house. You only can monitor your baby within a few hundred meters as long as you are connected to the baby monitor network. This is not a good option if you like going out while leaving your baby home.

Time Delay or Latency

Of course, you want to have a baby monitor that can work in real-time without latency. But, it is not possible if you use wifi baby monitor. There is always time delay when using a wifi baby monitor despite it is not too significant. Meanwhile, if you prefer a wired baby monitor, there is no time delay and the image really looks smooth.

Video Quality

Somehow, if you choose wifi baby monitor, you may deal with a network issue that can influence the quality of the video recorded. When there is a network issue and suddenly the network gets slow, the video may look bad. Meanwhile, if you choose a wired or non-wifi baby monitor, the video quality will always look good.

Product Pricing

Before you buy a baby monitor, you also have to consider the prices. You can choose between a non-wifi baby monitor and wifi baby monitor. Which one is the cheapest? Well, if you prefer a cheap baby monitor, then you may choose a non-wifi baby monitor. This kind of baby monitor still uses a cable that is connected to a monitor or screen. It is not portable and it is a bit difficult to install. But, if you choose wifi baby monitor, the price may be more expensive the non-wifi baby monitor. It is also portable because you can monitor your baby on your smartphone wirelessly anywhere you want as long as you are connected to the internet.

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