How to get rid of my body hair permanently in a week?

  Body hair can be a big issue for women as they will need so much of effort to shave or remove body hair. Some need to remove their body hair monthly and some may need to remove their body hair once every two weeks. This issue is even faced by some men. Their body hair grows so fast that they may need to spend so much time in trimming, shaving, and taking care of them. Laser hair removal by Nexus Clinic can get rid of your body hair permanently even faster than a week. Candela Yag laser can remove hair at any part of your body within seconds.

 Excessive body hair can be caused by diseases like polycystic ovarian syndrome. Females with this syndrome will have a problem called hirsutism or excessive body hair growth similar to men. This will affect their confidence level and reduce their feminine traits. Unwanted body hair or facial hair is no longer a nightmare for mankind.

  The most effective laser treatment to remove unwanted facial hair or body hair is by going for an aesthetic treatment using Candela gentle Yag laser. Say goodbye to razors, electrolysis, and waxing which are all painful and time-consuming. This modern treatment is suitable for all skin types and tones. This procedure is extremely effective and safe because of its unique design, longer wavelength, and advance cooling system.

  The body parts that can be treated by this procedure are the entire body including face, legs, arms, back, chest, nipples, and bikini lines. During this procedure, you might experience mild pain or discomfort which does not need topical anaesthetics but this depends on the pain threshold. Treatment of the sensitive areas usually requires the use of topical anaesthetics as those areas have a lower pain threshold and they are more sensitive to pain stimulus.

  Most people require 3-6 treatments depending on which part is been treated. This treatment act by disabling hair in the active growth phase. Right after the treatment, the are involved will turn red and swollen. You can continue your daily routine after the treatment without any restriction. You are advised to use sunscreen on any treated areas exposed to the sun. You will also need to apply some skincare products as recommended by your beautician or doctor.

  Candela YAG laser allows a larger area to be treated in contrast to the older method. Candelayag laser also removes fine hair as effective as removing thick and coarse hair. Adverse skin reaction following Candela Yag laser treatment is minimal and very unlikely to take place.

  In contrast to electrolysis, the candela YAG laser procedure is much simpler, non-invasive with minimal pain experienced by clients. Electrolysis requires a long duration of treatment up to a few years at regular intervals which is no longer practical. Candela Yag laser can treat any area withing seconds in contra to electrolysis. Electrolysis make takes a few hours to be completed.

  Laser hair removal by Nexus Clinic is now available at a very competitive price. Thanks to the advancement of the aesthetic field and technology, everyone can look more presentable and attractive within a short duration.

Paul Petersen

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